More than brick and mortar, Project Holy Restoration is showing real inner city transformation occurring by utilizing the impact of the historic inner city church.

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Changing the Face of Hunger PSA!

More than 100,000 kids need food in Dallas and San Antonio. To learn more - click here!

Dallas Mayor and Corporate Leaders Applaud Feed 3 - Click here!

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Feed 3 Tackles Hunger in Greater San Antonio - Click here!

Simpler than ever

Feed the Body.

Helping impoverished neighborhoods to identify and meet the needs of families suffering from hunger. This is accomplished in three ways:

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Feed the Mind.

In order to create cultural transformation, mindsets, habits, and coping skills must change. This can be done with an effective education program.

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Feed the Soul.

This focused attempt to
provide a way for people to demonstrate compassion and kindness on a collective basis
is critical to end hunger.

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The Power of Feed 3.

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